Remanufactured workstations offer a ‘green’ alternative

Once Urban Workstations began servicing clients in the recycled market it was clear that there is also a need for custom NEW workstations also offering a Greener option.
After liaising with the manufacturers directly, Urban Workstations has developed techniques to remove many of the external colourings and coatings, using an environmentally friendly methods to resurface all faces of the workstations equal to a new condition.

There are differing techniques for each manufacturers range, but our philosophy is the same. A NEW looking product utilising many of the components from high quality recycled stock.

Following are some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of some fit-outs utilising such methods:

These photos are taken at a site that originally had 50mm aluminium frame structure installed over 10 years ago.
This corporate office was undergoing a major refurbishment. The company elected to reconfigure their workstations enabling an increased number of workstations per floor.

The old Systems were disassembled and taken away by Urban Workstations. The frames were then powder coated in a high gloss white finish and panel inserts recovered in an elegant Ice Crystal fabric from In Style.

These workstations were then assembled and finished with Beach Laminex bench tops and installed with new Cat 6 Data and Soft Wiring. Once this project was complete the re-manufactured workstations closely resembled a brand new installation.

Urban Workstations was able to deliver this cost effective solution quicker than a ‘New’ option and with a greatly reduced environmental impact.

This project undertook the same process with a Steel frame and tile System.
Many of these products are currently in stock and can be customised to meet your time frame, budget and sustainable corporate image.

Our design consultants are happy to recommend materials, colours and fabrics to complement your existing office environment or define the look for your new space. In this area we are also happy to recommend colours or fabrics that may complement your existing environment or define the look of your new space. Urban Workstations can work either directly with the end user or with their designer, architect or building manager.

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