Workstation refurbishment is the ultimate, low cost way to give your office a new life.

Urban Workstations are able to rejuvenate an office and not disrupt the workplace.

We can present a custom solution, offering your re-fit at a fraction of the cost of a full re-location combined with a new re-fit. This solves the problem of relocating to a new office space and involves minimal disruption when re-fitting the existing site.

During the process we work closely with our corporate construction arm, Urban Space Group.

We are also more than happy to consult with or provide solutions to your architect or interior designer. Our methods can save you time, money and ensure an uninterrupted work environment with a highly respected environmentally sustainable design result.

Urban Workstations promotes an environmentally sustainable solution.

We provide cost savings approaches throughout many of the phases of providing your company with a highly improved work area. These processes will differ for every office as individual customer’s needs and expectations need to be considered. Some simple ways we can do this are highlighted below:

Refurbish tiles

Replace tiles with different surface finishes

Replace benchtops

Re surface benchtops

New Furniture to complement workstations

Customize older style workstations to more modern configurations

Part of a bigger picture

Urban Workstations is part of a larger group of companies that can provide you with the solution for the change in your office environment from a new company colour through to an entire office expansion.

Other services that can be provided from our family of companies include:

Power and electrical services

Data and Data room management and upgrading

Wide format wall graphics

Glass and partitioning reconfiguration

Corporate signage

Reception and front of house design detail

Staff management signage

Window tinting and Frosting

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