Recycled workstations are here to stay


Our roots came from recycling workstations

Urban workstations was originally established as an opportunity to recycle corporate material goods. Its founder identified the value is re-using configured workstations accumulated from vacated corporate and government office locations.
The gathered workstations were generally found to be in their original form and condition with the surfaces and joints remaining undamaged.
Workstations are designed to be durable, robust and resilient which strengthens the opportunity to recycle them in a new configuration.

We aim to provide you with the affordable and sustainable option of re-using pre-loved office workstations, re-configured to suit your new office space requirements.
The benefit to you and your company is that you will be contributing to a lower carbon footprint by promoting a green and environmentally friendly office from the first installed workstation.

Below you can see some current workstations in their original configuration before being removed from the office and relocated to our Artarmon storage warehouse. The piece-by-piece design of workstations enables them to be easily interchangeable for panels of different sizes to accommodate the desired space and dimensions of the new office.

Please contact us for further pricing and information. We are happy to provide advice on self-installation or we also offer a full design, supply and installation service.

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Alternatively if you are vacating old premises we are always happy to hear from you.
We can remove your old workstations and ensuring a more environmentally friendly option that landfill. Please contact Urban Workstations if you would like any further information or to view our stock at our Artarmon showroom.

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