We introduce Urban Workstations, a new business entity that retains the same Workstation Services including:

New supply of Workstations

Remanufactured supply

Recycling services


Remodelling services

Complete Installation Services

Conveniently located in Sydney, Urban workstations holds one of Australia’s’ largest stock levels of Workstations allowing them to supply quickly and efficiently.

Urban Workstations will continue the core objective that has been, and will continue to be, the use of recycled and reconditioned products for the benefit of the environment and its clients. We have found this division to be a necessary expansion due to the increased demand for remanufactured Workstation product in the current economic climate.

Urban Workstations is taking responsibility for environmentally sustainable design (ESD). The core of our business is to Recycle and Re-use to the standard that your corporate environment requires.

We are taking a different approach to ensuring that our clients work with our team to ensure that the highest standard of environmental accountability is provided for the company.

If we can help you re-use your existing assets or recycle them avoiding unnecessary land fill, we can drastically reduce the negative impact of working offices on our local, regional and national environment. Our goal is to conduct a successful business offering a service to all businesses in our community. We also give consideration to the economic and social impact of our work. By re-using and recycling workstations we can offer ‘as new’ office fit-outs for a fraction of the cost of a strip-out and new installation.

As we offer such an environmentally sound business to customers, we are also conscious that our warehouse and own office has minimum environmental impact.

Get us in to have a look at your existing space or where you are looking to relocate to.